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Alvarado Hospital Medical Center
Cambridge Hospital
Centinela Hospital Medical Center
Daniel Freeman Marina Hospital
Daniel Freeman Memorial Hospital
Family Health Centers of San Diego
Rancho Springs Medical Center
San Diego Rehabilitation Institute
St. Joseph's Hospital Medical Center
USC University Hospital
VillaView Community Hospital

Alvarado Hospital Medical Center
3rd Floor Renovation
4th Floor Renovation
4th Floor Custody Unit Renovation
4th Floor Refurbishment
6th Floor Blanket Warmer Installation
6th Floor Office Remodel
6th Floor Remodel
ADA Campus Survey
Basement Flood Repair
Facilities Management
Alvarado Podiatry Center Renovation
New Ancillary Building
New Angio Suite
ASC Washer and Sterilizer Replacement
Baby Changing Station Installation
Bariatric Clinic Relocation
Basement Access Ramp Study
O.R. Blanket and Liquid Warmers Installation
Breast Center Remodel
Cafeteria Refurbishment
Campus Entrance Security Access Study and implementation
Cancer Center study
Central Supply Washers and Sterilizers Replacement
Clean Utility Remodel
Computer Room Fire Protection
Convalescent Roof Repair
CT scan Replacement
4th Floor Custody Unit Renovation
Dr. Cuomo Office Remodel
Dr. Davidson’s Office Remodel
Dr. Feinstein Office Remodel
Dr. Gaylis’ Office Remodel
Dr. Ho’s Office Remodel
Dr. Katz, Cardiology Expansion
Dr. Lipkis Office Remodel
Dr. Mani Office Remodel
Dr. Pohl’s Office
Dr. Pokala Office Remodel
Dr. Razi Office Remodel
Dr. Stiener Office Remodel
Dr. Treger and Cook, Ophthalmology Suite Renovation
Dr. Weeks and Mansfield’s Office Expansion and Remodel
Dr. Wilkinson and Kossman Office Expansion and Remodel
El Cajon Surgery Center Remodel
El Centro Rehabilitation Clinic Remodel
El Centro Clinic Remodel
ENT and Balance Center Renovation
ER Expansion Study and Renovation
ER Intermittent Remodel
Hospital Evacuation Plans
Executive Wellness Center
Eye Center Remodel
5th Floor Telemetry Installation
JCAHO and SOC Survey
Fire Pump Installation
1st Floor Ceiling Remodel
Fuel Tank Line Replacement
Harbor View Hospital Re-Certification
HVAC Upgrade
Hyperbaric Chambers Installation
ICU & DUO Monitoring
La Mesa Wellness Center
Laboratory Relocation and Renovation
Linda Vista out reach Clinic
Main Lobby Remodel and Fish Tank Installation
Main Hospital As-Built Survey
Medical Staff Department Remodel
MOB 2-Ste. 2303 and 2309 Remodel
MOB As-Build Survey
MOB II Administration Offices Renovation
MOB Common Areas Refurbishment
MRI Clinic Renovation
Negative Pressure Isolation Rooms Renovation
Nutrition Stations Remodel
O.R. Lights Replacements
Obstetrics Dept. Conversion
OR Equipment Installation
OR Microscope Relocation and OR 5 Remodel
OR Sterilizer Replacement
OR Waiting Room Remodel
Out-Patient Imaging Center Renovation
Patient Tower HVAC Upgrade
Pharmacy Remodel
Phone Switch Installation
Physical Therapy and Gym Renovation
Pneumatic Tube Stations Installation
Central Kitchen – Dish Washing and Pots Washing Area Remodel
Radiology Room 1 Remodel
Patient and Physician Resource Center Renovation
Same Day Surgery Renovation
SDRI 4th Floor Dinning and Rec. Relocation and Renovation
SDRI 4th Floor Primary Care Clinic Renovation
SDRI 4th Floor Refurbishment
SDRI- Fire Protection
SDRI Fluoroscopy Suite Renovation
Second Floor Vent Unit Renovation
SENTA Clinic Renovation
Sports Medicine and Wellness Center Renovation
Ste. 2307 Remodel
TV Bracket Installation
UCSD MRI Renovation
UCSD Neurosciences Offices Renovation
UCSD Neurosciences Offices Renovation - Phase 2
Upper Extremity Clinic Renovation
Wound Clinic Renovation

Cambridge Hospital
Administration & Medical Office Renovation
Admitting Office Renovation
Cahill Locked Psychiatric Unit Renovation
Cardiopulmonary Laboratory Renovation
Cardiovascular Laboratory Renovation
Central Supply and Sterilization Unit Renovation
Child Psychiatric Evaluation Unit remodel
Child Psychiatric Playground Renovation
Department Of Nuclear Medicine Renovation
Department Of Orthopedics Renovation
Department Of Surgery Renovation
Department of Biochemistry & Laboratories Renovation
Department of Ophthalmology & Clinic Renovation
EEG Unit Renovation
Facilities Master Plan
Neighborhood Health Clinic Renovation
In-Patient Addiction/Mental Health Facility Renovation
Labor and Delivery Suite remodel
Lecture Hall/ Educational Facility Renovation
Medical Library Renovation
Methadone Clinic Renovation
Mobile Lithotripsy Unit Addition
Neville Manor Retirement Home Renovations
Operating Rooms Renovations (Including Pre-Op and Recovery)
Outpatient Registration Renovation
P.C.U. Renovation
Physical Therapy Unit
Riverside Health Clinic
Waiting Room & Public Areas Upgrade and Remodel
Windsor Health Clinic Renovation

Centinela Hospital Medical Center
3rd Floor Doors Modification
7th Floor Patient Rooms Conversion
Administration Office Remodel
Admitting Area Remodel
Angiography Suite Renovation
Bio Mechanics Lab Relocation and renovation
Courtyard Patio remodel
Emergency Generator Installation
EP Cardiology Lab Remodel
ETO Installation
GI Lab Renovation
ICU Study
Mammography Processor Installation
Pediatric Department Study
Pharmacy Remodel
Prep and Hold Area Remodel
Spine Center remodel

Daniel Freeman Memorial and Marina Hospital
Addition of New Smoke Barrier
Bariatric Clinic Remodel
Angiography suite Remodel
CT scan Replacement
Design of new Entry Canopy
Fire Alarm Upgrade
Fire Rating Facility Survey
Fire-Sprinkler Installation
GI Lab Remodel
Main Lobby Remodel
MRI/Imaging Center Remodel
Nuclear Camera Installation
Pediatric Clinic Remodel
Penetration Fire stopping Implementation
Smoke Barrier Upgrade
S.O.C. and JCAHO Survey
Facility ADA Modification

Family Health Centers of San Diego
Family Health Services - Clinic Certification
New Dental Suite - North Park
New Clinic Addition - Logan Heights
Parking Lot reconfiguration - Alley Vacation
Second Story Addition - Spring Valley
Third Floor Remodel - Logan Heights
New Dental Suite - Spring Valley

Rancho Springs Medical Center
Administrative Offices Remodel
Ancillary Building – Feasibility Study
Boiler and Enclosure Replacement
E.R. Security Implementation
Human Resources Dept. Renovation
ICU Remodel
Joint Commission SOC survey and preparation
LDR Infant Security study and implementation
Out-Patient Clinic Remodel
Radiology Reading Room Renovation
Physician Time Share Office Remodel

St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center
Barrow Neurological Institute, Menninger Psychiatric Facility
Barrow Neurological Institute, Neurology, Neurosurgery Department Remodel
In-Patient Surgical Facility Renovation
Medical Offices Renovation
Renovation Of Steinegger Rehabilitation Facility
Residents Educational Facility And Sleep Rooms Remodel
University Hospital
Doheny Eye Institute Second Floor remodel
Gamma Camera Installation
RF Remodel

192 South Street, Boston, MA
Eye Center
Hope Building Renovation
Manhattan Beach Clinic
Physician Radiology - Breast Cancer
Physician Radiology - CT / MRI Expansion
The Bronson Building, Attleboro, MA
Union Square Plaza Building, Somerville, MA
USGS Office, San Francisco, CA

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